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Bigfoot - Nova Scotia's Original

Philip Wall, Director of Finance - Marketing Co-ordinator for Bigfoot Systems® called LuckyDuck because, plain and simple, the Bigfoot website had some problems. We looked over the site, made our recommendations, and got the go-ahead.

Bigfoot's plastic, pre-engineered footing forms are used with construction tubes. Dependable, versatile and built to last, Bigfoot delivers quality results fast. Bigfoot - the Original - is an innovative, award-winning product that works to save time, money and aggravation, whether you're a do-it-yourselfer, contractor or factory owner.

Meeting or exceeding building codes across North America, Bigfoot is manufactured from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is used not only as a pier footing, but also acts as an anchor to prevent uplift in areas subject to high-velocity winds.

LuckyDuck is proud to say Bigfoot was designed, and is manufactured, right here in Nova Scotia!

Web design testimonial from Phil Wall, director of finance, marketing coordinator

"Without hesitation I would recommend LuckyDuck as an outstanding company for anyone to entrust their website design. With Jodie and Allan's ongoing help our website has consistently outperformed our competition and provided us with a high number of quality visitors. This has enabled us to measure how effective our sales and marketing dollars have been and where to focus in the future."

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Bridgevalley home health care ltd

Bridgevalley Home Health Care Ltd. serves Western Nova Scotia with a second-to-none product line and expertise.

Bridgevalley is committed to increasing your home's Accessibility - and your Independence and Mobility. Their AIM is to provide value in modern home health care products, reliable information, and professional product installation and service.

Their product-line includes vertical platform lifts, stair lifts (straight and curved), wheelchair and scooter lifts for vehicles, patient lifts and walk-in bathtubs & barrier-free showers. Live Well at Home with Bridgevalley!

Web design testimonial from Michael Fairn, sales & marketing lead

"It has been a pleasure working with Jodie recently to develop our website,! We are very pleased with the site and are getting many compliments on it. Jodie knows her stuff. Would I hire Jodie again? In a heartbeat!!"

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fabulous retro kitchen

Charles Lantz Cabinetry (CLC) is in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It's a good fit. Lunenburg County has been known for quality craftsmen since before the Original Bluenose sailed her way into the history books.

CLC, at nearly 80 years of experience, works with home-owners and contractors alike. Charles' professional crew is comfortable creating cabinetry in all sizes, shapes and styles from sleek contemporary to traditionally ornate. Whatever the project, they deliver a well-thought out and practiced approach. The end result is a precisely tuned system with a smooth-as-silk finish.

Charles Lantz' web design testimonial

" Jodie and Allan are experts at their profession and are concerned about how well your business can do. I have been acknowledged many times on my website design and how user friendly it is. I encourage [others] to take advantage of such a business tool. Thanks, Charles Lantz"

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mahone bay excavators

Lorna Ross photo

Clearland Contracting Ltd Clearland Contracting Ltd. - 3rd generation expertise - heavy equipment construction industry: Residential, commercial & industrial contracts, free estimates, fully licensed & insured.

They perform both large and small jobs, are fully licensed and insured, will meet with potential customers on site, and provide free and accurate estimates, with no surprises.

Office manager, Lorna Ross's web design testimonial

"I would like to state my complete pleasure in having Jodie, of LuckyDuck Web Design handle our web building needs. Jodie added her creative talents, and skilled services to the information and pictures we provided, resulting in a professional website with which I am most happy.

It should be noted that not only did she create a new website for our company, but she also dealt with the removal of our previous website, which had serious web hosting and search engine issues. This created far more work for Jodie, but she completely resolved the problem, earning my utmost respect in her knowledge and capabilities.

I was told right up front what to expect, what would be done, and that's exactly what she did.

I'm one of those people who ask a lot of questions, and she answered every one of them promptly, and in great detail. Thank you Jodie. I appreciate the depth of your patience! All of this, I might add, was done at what I consider to be a very reasonable cost.

Jodie's upbeat, self assured manner instills confidence in her abilities, and rightfully so!

I would definitely recommend LuckyDuck Web Design without hesitation." .

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craig rubadoux artist

Craig Rubadoux Jr. photo

Craig Rubadoux has been active in the arts since 1969. "My work is figurative, abstract and magically mystical. It is a reflection of man's search for meaning, his relationship with himself, his environment and the important people in his life. I draw inspiration from the wonderous creatures in nature such as the warthog, lemurs, lynxes, otters and birds as well as bleached trees on a southern beach, the dark Florida rivers and the craggy Nova Scotia coast."

Craig Rubadoux's web design & photography testimonial

"With expertise and good humour Jodie and Allan of LuckyDuck fashioned a fine website . . . and Jodie takes great photos too! It was a lucky day when I found them.....or does everone say that?"

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drilling connection perfection

Drilling Connection Perfection Inc is great news for the oil and gas industry. DCP manufactures portable rotary shouldered connection re-facing with patent pending beveling technology. Their design offers precision seal face flatness, and beveling capabilities to the thousands of an inch.

Oil and gas companies across the globe are required to adhere to strict standards and undergo mandatory inspection of all drilling tubulars. DCP's portable refacing lathe, with provisional patented beveling technology, makes this easier, more efficient, and more affordable.

Vince Stuart's web design testimonial

"LuckyDuck has provided me with excellent service - prompt and professional. I would highly recommend them to any of my associates and/or counterparts. I wish them the best of luck and growth in their business. If anyone wishes to contact me for a personal recomendation, I'll be glad to give them one." - Vince Stuart, developer & manufacturer

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Edward R Honneyman - electrical contracting ltd

Edward R. Honneyman Electrical Contracting Ltd. - "Our workmanship is guaranteed forever," says Edward with confidence.

"I've been blessed with great people," he adds, "five certified electricians."

Home owners and contractors call on ERH to install, service and maintain electrical services including new construction and custom home wiring; retrofitting of older homes; green expertise; swimming pool wiring; and wiring of log homes.

Edward R. Honneyman is insured and covered by Workers Compensation. And is available to clients for 24/7 emergency service and repair.

Edward Honneyman's web design testimonial

"I am pleased that we chose LuckyDuck to construct our first web site. The both of you were able to walk us through the process and made the difficult easy. I have recommended your company to others and will continue in the future."

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erica baker logo

Erica Baker Psychological Services Limited Specializing in Psychoeducational, ADHD, Neuropsychological and Vocational Assessments for children, adolescents and adults.

Erica Baker, previously Ann Krane & Associates Limited, is a private practice that has been in operation for the past 19 years. It is one of few Halifax practices specializing in assessment services for individuals with learning and behavioural needs. They pride themselves on the comprehensiveness of their assessment services, and helping clients, parents, and individuals working closely with our clients to recognize skills and strengths and to obtain help in required areas.

Dr. Baker's web design testimonial

"My recent experience with Luckyduck was even better than the first. Jodie and Allan worked with me to revise and update my five-year-old website and were a joy to work with. They were incredibly available and fast with completing the changes. They were helpful, thoughtful and attentive to detail.

"I couldn't have been happier with their service, price and the end-result."

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Dr. Patricia Crittenden

Raoul Manuel Schnell photo

Dr. Patricia Crittenden, Developmental Psychopathologist, asked us to build her a new website. She'd had one for years, built by another company, but hadn't liked it from day 1.

Dr. Crittenden founded and heads The Family Relations Institute (FRI). The Institute applies the Dynamic-Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaptation (DMM) to service delivery, including assessment, psychotherapy, early intervention, social work, the health services and the courts.

FRI delivers:

  • Courses in theory, assessments and application
  • Training across the life span
  • Certification of reliable coders
  • Authorization of trainers internationally
  • Expertise for clinical and forensic assessment
  • Data code for researchers

Web design testimonial from Dr. Patricia M. Crittenden,
founder, Family Relations Institute

"Jodie, the webpage is beautiful and I have received many compliments on it. Working with you and Allan was a pleasure. I especially appreciated your cheerful patience as we corrected, refined, and improved endlessly."

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Hearwell Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearwell Hearing Aid Solutions
Scott MacKay is following his dream by supporting his Hearwell clients on their journey to better hearing. Hearing aid solutions at affordable prices.

Since 1980, Scott has served tens of thousands of patients of all ages - mostly at Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres. From 1990 - 2011, he was staff audiologist at the South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

He saw many clients who were not satisfied with the service they received from their hearing aid provider. Many wore hearing aids yet still did not hear well. Often they thought they paid too much or generally were not satisfied.

This strengthened Scott's resolve to make a difference by opening his own home-based hearing aid business. He has a burning desire to provide Hearing Solutions to the hard of hearing public at an affordable price.

Scott MacKay's web design testimonial

"I recently had the fortune to find LuckyDuck web design on the internet as I was looking for someone to develop a website for me. From my first meeting with site developer Jodie Turner I knew I had made the correct choice. All work was timely, including Jodie actually taking the pictures that are on my website! I now proudly have what I consider to be an informational, professional website ( at a very affordable price. Thanks so much Jodie and Allan, and much continued success in all you do."

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janet mason artist

Since 1976, Janet Mason marine artist has dedicated her significant artistic talents to painting Nova Scotia landscapes, seascapes and flora. She focuses on Lunenburg County using oil, acrylics and watercolors and enjoys a fine reputation for portraying ocean-waters with realism and honesty.

She attended one of the area's last one-room school houses. Born and raised in Stonehurst, the small fishing village holds the heart of her paintings.

Janet is a popular instructor in acrylics for beginners & intermediate.

Janet's web design testimonial

"Jodie created a fantastic website for my artwork! Her professionalism is outstanding and she operates on a definite aim-to-please format. I recommend her very highly for all your website needs!"

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home by Kinburn Property

Kinburn Property Company , Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, is owned and operated by builder Norman Whynot. His website notes, "We create a meaningful sense of place by interpreting our clients' vision and building homes of exceptional quality through an intergrated-team process. Our clients choose us for three reasons: relationship; attention to detail and design; and the delivery of enduring value. We are creative problem-solvers. We are excellent communicators. We are proud of the work we do."

Norman constructed the first home in Atlantic Canada to be awarded LEED Platinum Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. "We incorporate green-building technology and ecologically sound practices into all of our projects," he says.

This was a different project for LuckyDuck. The graphic design of the site is by Broad Creative Communication. It was our job to bring this vision to life online. Typically, graphic designers and website designers have a different view of the world. It was through Allan's patience and dedication to the job that we can take satisfaction in a job well done.

Norman Whynot's web design testimonial

"Finally, I got to be a customer! For years I knew what I wanted in a web site and Jodie and Allan got me there. I know a little bit about building and renovating homes but I must proclaim I had no knowledge of what it takes to build a website. Allan and Jodie carried us through the process and their knowledge of what works and what doesn't has been extremely important to us." " - Norman Whynot, Kinburn Property Company

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Paul Langille of Langille's Plumbing & Heating

Langille's Plumbing & Heating Limited is a second generation, leading service company working on residential, new construction and commercial buildings. Langille's specializes in:

  • plumbing - installation & repair
  • pumps
  • water treatment
  • heating - installation & repair
    (geothermal, solar, radiant in-floor, boilers & steffes ets)
  • ventilation

Daily hands-on management by owner Paul Langille provides personal service and attention to detail on every job. The commitment to quality is a company philosophy shared by its employees from the front desk to the field.

The firm successfully combines the service advantages of a small, owner-operated company, with the technology and resources of a large organization. Backed by the latest in repair equipment and a fleet of five dispatched trucks, Langille's Plumbing & Heating Limited continues to improve and expand to meet customer needs.

Langille's web design testimonial

"We have been planning to create a website for several years, but were concerned how we were going to fit it into our busy schedule. Jodie was very helpful and the website came together smoothly and quickly.

"Jodie was upbeat, flexible with her time and patiently made any changes we requested.

"We would not hesitate to recommend LuckyDuck Web Design, and in fact already have! Thank you for the hard work and the terrific web site!

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small terriers - the maritimes

Maybush Australian Terriers - Small dog with oodles of personality - on Canada's East Coast & beyond. Friendly, smart, fun - great travelers!

  • Hypoallergenic, small dog
  • Adaptable to city life or rural living,
  • Adaptable to summer heat & winter chill
  • Good health record
  • Easily trained for obedience, rally and agility
  • Playful & happy to please - friendly with children
  • Courageous
  • Oh so intelligent & quick to learn

Sylvia Knight's web design testimonial

"Web designing is definitely Jodie's passion and expertise - not mine for sure!! Jodie was knowledgeable, thoughtful and considerate of my vision of how I wanted my business to be presented. She was very professional, patient and provided excellent suggestions and input. Her quirky sense of humour (and mine) made the process very positive and painless. I also learned much about web design, which I have promptly forgotten!! I love the look - clean and informative with great photos. Many thanks."

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Pat Watson sings jazz

Pat Watson Sings!

Pat Watson is a popular Jazz and Gospel singer in Nova Scotia, Canada. She performs with John Bird (keyboard), John Duckworth (harmonica), Dave Skinner (drums) and Steve McNeil (stand-up bass). She also sings with the dynamic Nova Gospel Ensemble.

Pat's gospel music workshop clients include Saint Margaret's of Scotland Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Central United Church in Mahone Bay, Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival , Women's Festival of Song Harmony Bazaar and the International Ukulele Ceilidh.

In Pat's gospel workshop, music is explored through song, rhythm and movement. Everyone who loves and enjoys singing and strumming is welcome. Bring your voices, instruments, cymbals, shakers, etc. Come and be moved musically at this fun and exciting workshop.

Pat's jazz workshop is for anyone who loves to sing! It includes a brief lesson on the history of jazz, then focuses on: musical and lyrics formulae; improvisation and different styles of jazz.

Pat Watson's web design testimonial

"Jodie and Allan are amazing. I am highly impressed and totally satisfied with the work they did on my new website. Jodie's keen eye for detail and style is incredible. She spent a lot of time with me discussing different ideas about the look of the website. She is patient and a joy to work with. I highly recommend LuckyDuck as your web designer."

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lunenburg B&B

Pelham House B&B
Year round Lunenburg lodging on Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore!

Pelham House is a home away from home for visitors to the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia. The community is known for its pristine beaches, quaint seaside communities and notable restaurants.

Amenities include: Off street parking; Private baths with all rooms; Double aspect windows in all rooms for good light and ventilation; Wireless internet; Refreshment facilities available 24 hours; Locally sourced and organic produce when attainable; Garage available for parking surfboards, kayaks or bicycles.

Fay's web design testimonial

"Not only has Jodie been brilliant in exchanging ideas for revamping the Pelham House website, she and Allan have also left no stone unturned in saving me from being totally technologically challenged! Keep up the good work." - Fay Paul

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Family Resource baby

South Shore Family Resource Association - where children always come first! SSFRA provides free programming to families with children prenatal to six years in Lunenburg, Queens and Shelburne counties.

Programs vary from site-to-site and are divided into child-focused, parent-focused, family focused and community-focused activities. Most programming is delivered at the three Family Resource Centers, with outreach programs in locations around the counties.

SSFRA programs are well attended with families requesting additional services and opportunities. Do you have an idea for a program or want information on a particular topic? Call your nearest centre and make the request. They will do their best to help.

Web design testimonial from Deb Smith, Executive Director, South Shore Family Resource Association

"Working with LuckyDuck to create our Web Site has been a rewarding and delightful experience. The road to our launch was long and winding but Jodie and Allan supported and encouraged us every step of the way. Many thanks to them for their patience and kindness and for a product we are extremely proud of. We are looking forward to working with them to expand our site in the coming years."

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More web design clients!

german - english translations

Arc Texts & Translations
Sibylle Bechtold has been working as a German - English Translator since 1980 and as Certified Translator since 1996.

Sibylle offers a strong command of both languages:

  • Legal Translation including extensive experience in Immigration Documentation.
  • Promotional Text Translation - attentive to the intricacies of Public Relations and Advertisement principles and cultural linguistic nuances.
  • Extensive experience also in Medical and Technical Translation.
  • General Translations - equally professional and prompt.

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cape breton golfing

Baddeck Forks Golf Course is your beautiful get-away from the everyday! Nine-hole golf course has new management, new club house, pro shop, licensed dining room and a breath-taking view.

The course is on the beautiful Baddeck River which empties into the Bras d'Or lakes - an inland sea in the heart of Cape Breton Island. It overlooks the valley and spectacular Highlands.

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Bill Pyke sands custom door

Bill Pyke of Fine Doors & Windows and Fine Woodworking Nova Scotia has spent a lifetime working with wood - a partnership of design & materials. Located in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Bill works from his shop and on location throughout the province.

He's known for his custom doors and windows, cabinetry, furniture and finishing, commercial retrofits and boatworks. Recent clients include St. Joseph's Catholic Church and Bridgewater United Church. Be sure to visit his websites - they feature many of his quality projects including an impressive overhaul and transformation of a dowdy building into the professional, welcoming home of a Chiropractic in Bridgewater.

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Pharmacist Susane Cochrane

Bridgewater Pharmasave - Your Independent Community Pharmacy - is serving the community seven days a week throughout the store: Pharmacy, Home Health Care, Cosmetics, Gifts, Postal Outlet. As always, Pharmasave offers free prescription and home health care delivery in Bridgewater.

The home health care department is staffed Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-1. It offers a wide variety of products and services and is home to certified staff and a trained technician. HHC Practitioners Karen Weagle and Gayle Hannam are certified fitters in Compression Therapy, Mastectomy, Orthotics and Bracing Products. They have expertise in scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs, rollators, liftchairs and bathroom safety products.

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bridgewater chiropractor Dr. Cowie

LaHave River Chiropractic & Health Centre - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia - enjoy health and wellness with Dr. Laurel Cowie

Conditions treated:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches (migraines)
  • Neck pain
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Disc problems
  • Sciatica and leg pain
  • Numbness and/or tingling in the arms or legs
  • Shoulder, arm and hand pain
  • TMJ (jaw pain)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Knee pain
  • Repetitive stress/strain injuries
  • Other injuries caused by sports, work, falls or other traumas
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lange family & rock

Lange's Rock Farm - Old World Look Old World Longevity is the source of Nova Scotia's finest granite "Atlantic Sparkle". With it, they're building a solid reputation at home and away.

The foundation of Lange's Rock Farm is their Dimension Stone Granite Quarry in Maplewood, Nova Scotia. The men of the family source the finest granite, then process it for reputable contractors, distributors, do-it-yourselfers and themselves.

Between them, they offer clients a variety of products and services such as mobile crushing, design and construction of solid rock walls, chimneys, fireplaces, cobblestone decking and pathways, retaining walls, architectural features and hand-carved stone decorative pieces. As well, the licensed blasters are called on by contractors, entrepreneurs and home-owners alike.

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