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We deliver professional photography, video production across North America, google maps, e-newsletters, php server-side programming, enthusiastic follow-up support and service!

Websites new & re-newed

" . . .LuckyDuck Web Design captured the spirit and colour of our festival in their web-design . . . The Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival looks forward to continuing our liason with LuckyDuck . . . folk art tradition and history has a wonderful match with technology and innovation!"
- from a web design testimonial
by Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival

"Telling your story, it's what we do!" As a former newspaper reporter with 16 years of regional and national award winning experience, I believe it's what we do very well!

For a winning combination, in 2005 we added dependable web design Nova Scotia to the mix! Our enthusiastic support and service continues long after the site is launched.

After taking the time to know our clients, their strengths and goals, we play a key role in their continued, and growing success. We are happy to convert their more traditional marketing tools and strategies into strongly focused, web-based campaigns.

And we're proud to say all LuckyDuck website services are accomplished in-house.

Good, up-to-date content rules the world wide web. It keeps first-time visitors coming back for more. We enjoy writing and polishing website copy until it is ready to serve the client.

Discover how LuckyDuck can bring out the best in your website -

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Nova Scotia photographer

LuckyDuck's photography delivers professional results. We're well practiced in the art of making those in front of the camera feel comfortable, and in creative composition, discerning the key elements in telling a story by photos, then strategically placing them on the page.

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Nova Scotia website review & strategy for success

Website help! As close as an e-mail away!

Has your website seen better days? There's something wrong, but you're not sure what. LuckyDuck web design can not only identify your site's strengths and weaknesses, we can lay out a plan of action that will make all the difference in the world. You will receive a written report and strategy for bringing out the best in your website.

Before we start, we'll send you a quote for our services. The cost depends on the complexity of your website - and its weaknesses - but the fee typically runs in the $50 - $100 range. If you decide to have LuckyDuck make the changes, the fee will be credited towards your re-new.

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Search engine promotion/friendliness

Having a search engine friendly site simply means having a site the search engines can find and understand, one that provides quality, dependable information.

Search engines crave well-written content designed for your target audience and representing your most important keyword phrases. Each page should be unique to a specific subject, product or service. The more pages you have indexed in a search engine, the greater visibility you have because you have a better chance of showing up well for multiple keyword phrases.

We create unique titles, descriptions and keyword phrases for all of our pages.

The title tag is probably the most important thing a search engine looks at out of all the other elements of your site. Capitalize on this with optimized, unique title tags for each page.

All search engines want to be relevant and help their users find the very best sites related to their search queries. While some people "cheat" their way to the top, the websites that stay at the top are the best in their field. Never stop working to make your site better.This is the best strategy in obtaining long term success with search engine positioning and your all-important end users.
and give your website a boost!

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e-newsletters, promotions, announcements, invitations

These are busy times and as entrepreneurs, we know it can be difficult to maintain relationships with our clients and customers. An e-newsletter, announcement, promotion, invitation, postcard or coupon is a simple, cost-effective way to keep them posted on relevant changes such as new products, services, staff, pricing or expertise.

Send out an email version of press releases to your permission-based e-seList (this is a spam-free zone!), or send quarterly business updates to your members or investors.

With LuckyDuck, it is easy to keep in touch with your customers, clients, suppliers and members - to keep your business front and centre. We'll design your newsletter so it reflects your web site. We'll write the copy if you wish. Or, we'll proof your copy. We'll take photos or process and load your photos.

And we'll mail your news to whomever is on your e-seList. To everyone, or, if appropriate, simply to a specialized segment of your seList, for example, to suppliers or customers. To clients who live in town or those who live in the country. However you categorize your customers and clients, we'll be pleased to deliver them all your news and updates. and get started on your e-newsletter today!

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Certified translation services

Sibylle Bechtold, M.A., Cert. Trans. has a professional translation experience that spans more than 28 years. Her translation projects have covered a wide spectrum of areas: promotional, historical and legal texts. She has worked for tourism agencies, export companies, towns, museums and historical societies, as well as for the Nova Scotia legal system.

During her 10 years as university lecturer, her teaching focused extensively on creative writing and Canadian literature, providing a solid understanding of cultural and linguistic nuances that is also reflected in her translations.

Ms Bechtold is a longstanding certified member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Nova Scotia, governed by the Canadian Council of Translators, Terminologists & Interpreters.

Contact us today about translating your documents, websites, advertising and e-newsletters - we're available by phone 902-766-4548 or

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Server-side programming: content management

Building on his C++ background Allan brings PHP server side programming to our clients.

PHP can significantly ease the burden of web site updating and maintenance. Part of our service is to train clients who wish to manage some of their site content to make regular changes in, for example, schedule information, product pricing and descriptions or seasonal images and related text.

Visit Nova Scotia's Intelligent Choice Computers' products page for a fine example of his php.

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Monthly reports

Each month, we send our active web site clients a detailed, complimentary report on visitor stats including:

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Hard copy promotions: posters, brochures, letterhead

By diversifying what we do, we better serve our clients. We didn't set out to offer hard copy design and creation of posters, brochures or letterhead, but when our clients asked, we weren't about to turn them down!

The less time they spend shopping around, the more time they have to devote to what's most important to them.
for hard copy promotions that are true to your brand!

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Hourly projects

At LuckyDuck, we welcome hourly projects such as:

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Domain names and web site hosting

We'll register the name of your web site address (eg.: A .com address typically runs at about $15 a year, a .ca is more like $24 a year.

Sounds too good to be true?

Have you come across "free" webhosting? Any we've noted comes with a pricetag. For instance, the website has a large banner promoting the webhosting company at the top of every page. How to get rid of it? Upgrade to not-for-free webhosting.

Want to track your visitor stats? To get detailed stats on a free webhosting package, in all liklihood you'll have to upgrade to a more expensive monthly fee.

If you're shopping around for webhosting and come across free hosting, be sure to ask a few questions before signing up.

We're pleased to recommend a web site host. Our favourite Canadian service offers professional dependability and affordable quality, starting at $60 CAD a year - or even better - $90/two years. and we'll get you hooked up with great webhosting and/or domain names!

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