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  • web site design & re-design
  • video production - CA & USA
  • photography & photo-editing
  • web marketing
  • e-newsletters
  • after-launch support
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"I would like to state my complete pleasure in having LuckyDuck Web Design handle our web building needs.

. . . not only did Jodie create a new website for our company, but she also dealt with the removal of our previous website, which had serious web hosting and search engine issues. This created far more work for Jodie, but she completely resolved the problem, earning my utmost respect in her knowledge and capabilities.

I was told right up front what to expect, what would be done, and that's exactly what she did . . . All of this, I might add, was done at what I consider to be a very reasonable cost . . .

I would definitely recommend LuckyDuck Web Design without hesitation." .

See more of Lorna Ross's web design testimonial on behalf of Clearland Contracting Ltd

LuckyDuck web site design delivers enthusiastic follow-up support & service continuing well after your site, e-newsletter or hard-copy brochure is launched. For professional, prompt service & quality results phone 902-521-5681 or

We're all about creating a web site and/or related products that benefit our clients. Whatever your project or service, we take the time to work with you, to understand your goals and your dreams, and with integrity and enthusiasm, present and promote you in the best light possible!

After launching your website we continue to support and market your on-line presence as well as your more earth-bound endeavors in a timely fashion.

Jodie Turner & Allan Malinen
Lucky Duck web design
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